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Question and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How does your company commit to customer satisfaction?
A: We specialize in only the best quality 100% human remi hair products and the Strand By Strand hair extension system. All of our hair products we carry are tangle-free for three months or more. We do not carry any lower quality human hair or synthetic hair products. **Do not be deceived and ripped off by those Internet companies who claim they offer the “World’s best hair”, yet do not give you a phone number to discuss your needs.** Order your free hair samples from us today! Our professional and personalized service will tell you who is the best in this industry. We commit to excellence.
Q: What are the payment options?
A: We prefer Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover. We also will accept bank cashier’s check or money order as prepayment. Personal or business checks are accepted when mailed in for prepayment or for phone orders, however orders will be held up to 10 days for check to clear.
Q: How long will hair extensions last?
A: On the average, a full head of extensions will last from three to five months.
Q: Is the hair you use human hair?
A: Yes, the hair we use is 100% human hair.
Q: Is your process of hair extensions comfortable?
A: Yes, it is so comfortable, it feels like your own hair.
Q: Will the extensions damage my hair?
A: No, the extensions will not damage your hair. In fact, some say their hair growth was increased.
Q: Can I wash and comb my hair extensions?
A: Yes, you can handle your new extensions in the same way you would handle a head of your own natural long hair.
Q: If I am wearing a perm, will the extension hair match my texture?
A: Yes, along with a wide variety of colors, our hair also comes in many textures including permed and relaxed.
Q: After I receive my hair extensions, will I be able to depend on my extensionist for assistance?
A: Yes, your extensionist will introduce you to a maintenance program that will assist you the entire time you wear extensions.
Q: In what condition will my own hair be after the extensions are removed?
A: Your hair will be just like it was before the extensions were put in, there are no adverse effects.
Q: How much does it cost?
A: Because of the vast differences between people, free consultations are given at most Hair salons. At that time you can receive a price quote.
Q: Can I put the extensions in myself?
A: Yes, with a three way mirror and our step by step booklet ($15.00) or the how to DVD's $45.00 and practice, you can apply them yourself. You will need the tools needed to apply them.
Q:How many extension methods are there?
A: There are five methods in which you wear hair extensions. These are the general terms the industry uses to represent the process. There are many variations of these methods based on the individual who is performing the job ranging from braid, weave, Fusion, and Micro links, and Bonding.
Q: What is Weaving?
A: A process in which you create tracks on the individuals head and sew the hair extensions on. This method is the most widely used method in adding hair extensions.
Q: What is Braiding?
A: A process in which you add hair extensions by braiding them in. There are many types of braiding techniques which varies from one salon to another. Tree braid, Braid weave or individuals, cornrow, and French braid are just to name a few.
Q: What is Strand by Strand?
A: A process in which the extension hair is attached directly to your own hair by heated glue sticks. In this method, an acrylic glue stick is placed inside a glue gun which heats and melts the glue. Then, the hair extension and the glue are attached directly onto the individual’s hair. (We sell a step by step instruction booklet for $15.00 and a DVD for $45.00)
Q: What is Micro links?
A: A process that is alot like the strand by strand method but instead of glue you use metal tubes to attach the hair. (We sell a step by step instruction booklet for $15.00 and a DVD for $45.00)
Q: What is Bonding?
A: The simplest method. A bonding glue is brushed or applied onto the weft (track of hair) of the extension hair and then it is applied at the root of the individual’s hair. It can easily be removed by a remover. This is a temporary method. (it lasts about a week.) You can find both the glue and the remover in our online store.
Q: Do you have a retail store I can come to?
A: No, our warehouse is a non retail location, but we offer free samples so you can see the hair quailty, we also offer free delivery to OC residents in Ca. and free shipping on orders over $175.
Q: How many bundles does it take to do a full head of extensions?
A: Machine weft hair is 4oz of hair and will take 1-2 bundles. Pre-glued and Pre-bonded hair is 2oz of hair about 100 pieces and you will need 2-3 bundles to do a whole head of extensions.
Q: How fast can I get my order?
A: Order placed by 12pm PST will normally ship out the same day orders ordered after 12pm PST or custom made orders will be shipped the following day. We offer UPS Overnight AM, Overnight, 2 day, 3 day, and Ground shipping.
Q: Do you give discounts to stylist?
A: Yes, 10% discount. Call us with your License number and salon info and we will give you a discount code before ordering.
Q: Do you sell wholesale?
A: Yes, Wholesale prices are 40% off with a minimum order of $4,000.00. We also sell wholesale for large orders at a must bigger discount. Call or e-mail us for more info.
Q: How many strands come in a bundle?
A: You will get 2oz of hair about 100 pieces in pre-glued tips and pre-bonded tips. You will get 4oz of hair in the Machine weft Bundles.
Q: Can you break up a pre-glued or pre-bonded bundle?
A: Yes, we now sell bundle’s in 25 pieces.
Q: What is pre-glued?
A: This is a process in which the hair extension tip is shape like a shoestring with a bead of keratin glue on the end, we double glue our tips to help prevent shedding.
Q: What is pre-bonded Shoestring tips?
A: This process in which the hair extension tip is shaped like a shoestring, so you can use micro links, or shrinkies to attach it to your nature hair.
Q: What styles do you sell in Pre-glued and Pre-bonded hair extensions?
A: Body Wave, Silky Straight, French Refined, Yaki, Deep Wave.
Q: Do you have samples and a brochure?
A: Yes, e-mail us your postal address and we will send you a brochure and hair sample. sales@sexyextension.com
Shipping Hours:
It can take up to 24 hours before your order is shipped out. This is to allow our staff to verify the information for the order is correct, and to confirm the order. Once your order has been verified and confirmed by our verification staff, the order will be sent out to our packaging and shipping department. It will then take 5-7 business days for the package to arrive if you choose Ground shipping, we can also ship 3 day, 2 day, and overnight (for a extra charge) from the time your order was processed. (Business days - excludes weekends and holidays.)
All orders placed after 12:00 pm will be processed within 24 hours, Monday - Friday. All orders placed on the weekend will be processed on Monday. UPS only will deliver Monday - Friday unless you call to let us know you would like a Saturday delivery. (there is a extra charge for this service.)
It takes 5-7 business days for delivery to North America. For all international orders, packages take 8-14 business days. (Business days - excludes weekends and holidays.)
* All sales are final - No refunds, only exchanges for color and style or store credit’s. The merchandise must be sent back in the original condition with invoice within 15 days of purchase. NO Exceptions! No returns on custom made or clip in orders.
You will be sent a e-mail confirmation and tracking number once your items are shipped, it is your responsibility to make sure everything is correct on the invoice, so you get the proper items and you don’t have a delay in shipping, there may be other charges involved by not doing so.
To cancel your order please email sales@sexyextension.com all orders already shipped will need to be shipped back, for a refund at your expense.
Thanks again for your order,

Sexy Extensions For You Huntington Beach, Ca. 92646

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